How to Increase Weight on a Cat

How to increase weight on your cat that she’s not a problem we see in our practice usually cats are grossly obese. But if your cat is thin and there’s no reason outwardly. if it’s a young cat it could be parasites so you have to check for worms. And we do that by bringing a fresh stool sample in and checking for all the parasites we see in cats that goes from Giardia to commodious coccidia whipworms round worms and hook worms. so bring a fecal to your veterinarian.

we also check if they very very thin, we also check them for hyperthyroidism. If they’re older cats hyperthyroidism can cause a loss of weight by increasing the metabolic rate and that requires a blood sample. Sometimes diabetes causes both in cats we have to be really careful with diabetes. we check that with urine and blood samples of blood glucose. Kidney disease can lose you can lose protein and they can become anorectic or lack of appetite with kuna disease. So we check their urine and we check their blood for kidney function. If that’s bad week to find it better if it’s truly just the cat doesn’t want to eat. I check the teeth make sure there’s no bad dental problems that make them one. Now when I eat you often will change the food. Sometimes they don’t like the food sometimes you’ll be a bad foot bag of food I would change the foods.

If they’re vomiting or have anything active signs that, go to your veterinarian and find out there’s anything going on that’s not related to this the lack of energy needs and are very few cats are thin naturally. unless they’re outside a lot and exercising a lot young cats tend to be thin older cats because they become more complacent tend to get fat, So be careful. I see more fat cats than I see skinny cats and so you need to be aware of it’s really thin. it was fat that it could be a medical Pollak prom or a veterinary problem we need to see the kitty and define it better and make sure it’s not something pathologic in nature.

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