How To Stop your cat from peeing on Bed

Getting a cat to stop urinating on a bed furniture or anywhere else does take patience? In this article I will recommend the five pronged approach to solving your cat urination problem assuming that you have already been to your vet and know this isn’t a medical problem.

1 Make the litterbox
The most attractive place for the cats to do is over business. I would recommend the fine-grained unscented clumping litter and to avoid plastic litter box liners. Cats close get caught in the plastic preventing effectively guillain-barre infusion and seasons. Also you can can splash off the liner back onto the cap an unpleasant experience that can make the cap avoid the litter box.

2. Thoroughly clean the previously soiled areas.
Probably nobody needs to tell you this twice cats will return to these per area smell slightly.

3. Make the areas unattractive
Make the previously so in the area unattractive tho the pets.It doesn’t have to be forever but when you are sleeping in the bed you could cover it with something like shower curtain to make it non absorb increase the cat isn’t going to be interested in.

4 Change the meaning of the place
Change the meaning of the place your cats are turned into the bathroom so it actual needs on your bed or sofa start playing with your – on the bed or sofa give out fair she was eventually learned to associate the bed or piece of furniture with fruit instead of a toilet.

5 Be patient
Be patient enough to do you sister intervention discovered your unfortunately a week and not keeping that you’re lying in the swimming pool of you. Remember admonition job that won’t get you anywhere and will only make you Castle I’m anxious. I suggest standing at least a month trying to retrieve you cat and if the problem persist

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